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Drone Photography Benefits Real Estate Industry

Drone Photography (aka aerial photography) has become an amazing tool for real estate agents to market properties, especially large properties with acreage or very large buildings. Photography made from the vantage point of a drone has the ability to showcase the topography of your listing, as it relates (or not) to other features or existing structures.

Drone Aerial Photography

If you plan to use drone photography make sure you use a FAA licensed professional who knows what they are doing. In much of East Texas airspace is restricted, even in certain rural areas. Airports, military bases, and detention facilities are just a few of the locations a drone is not permitted to fly near.

Weather is also another consideration in drone photography. Again it really helps to plan your shoot carefully. Another determining factor in planning your real estate drone photography is the angle of the sun and the time of day. Earlier and later hours produce the softest overall shadows and best overall exposures for drone photography.

Our licensed drone pilot (Pilot in Command), will verify your real estate photoshoot is in the green within 24 hours of receiving a booking. In certain cases we can apply for a waiver, but waiver can take up to 90- days. When is comes to real estate photography, it really helps to plan and think about drone operating parameters ahead of time. Not sure? Give us a call. 903-502-0360

Nice Aerial Photography of a property near Tyler, Texas


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