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Picture Perfect Green Grass

​As a Real Estate Photographer it is important to me that I provide the client with a clean image with no visible distractions or photographic issues.

No matter how technically good a photo is, overcoming a bad lawn is just about impossible when comes time to show the house.

As a former Smith County Master Gardener, I'd like to think I've learned a thing or two about green grass. These are ourPicture Perfect Green Grass. I hope these help.

  1. Watering: Water early in the morning and avoid night watering as it can lead to disease. I like to water less frequently, but for a longer duration. The longer duration ensures that the water goes deep, the lower frequency prompts roots too search deeper for water. Watering more frequently causes roots to stay mostly near the surface and as a result, when drought comes or a missed watering day, the plant is less tolerant. Automatic sprinklers are best for the exact amount of saturation.

  2. Mowing: Mow your lawn once a week keeping it from 3 to 4 inches in height in order to keep weeds at bay. Some lawn care professionals pay no attention to this and every client gets the same cut regardless of grass type. You want a lawn care pro with a dedicated residential crew.

  3. Weed Prevention: We're talking broadleaf and grassy weeds. They all cost money to get rid of but once gone it is a fairly easy process for the home-owner to maintain. If however you have established weeds, consult a local pro and start a regimen of pre and post emergents to gain control of and eliminate weeds. There is an old adage that goes, " one years seed equals three years weeds." A good lawn pro is well worth the investment. The same as with mowing, You want a lawn care pro with a dedicated residential crew. It not unimaginable that a crew could cut the lot behind your local xyz store which was full of weed and then drive over to you home to shack all the weed seeds off in your yard.

  4. Soil: Poor quality soil ph and nutrient issues can lead to thin and patchy lawns. Each spring have your soil tested so you can provide the nutrients that are missing so it remains balanced to keep grass healthy. Your County Extension can provide you a soil sample kit, which is then sent in for university analysis. They will send you a report specifying what is needed for you soil and grass type.

  5. Fertilizing: In the spring fertilize your lawn using a 20-5-10 slow release mix and apply it with a broadcast spreader. To ensure proper, even spreading apply it tire to tire up and down the lawn so you don’t have any burn marks. Read the instructions so you apply water properly as some fertilizers such as granule mixes usually recommend a good soaking prior to spreading the fertilizer.

  6. Winter Green : Have you seen real estate photography made in the winter? Flat, dull, boring. If your selling in the winter, the last thing you want to have is a brown lawn or a bunch of mud holes. Over-seed with winter rye to have a beautiful green lawn during the winter. It's not that expensive and many lawn care companies offer this a part of there routine annual service. If your lawn is full but just brown, then 360-Media can certainly retouch your photos. Hop on over to www.360-Media.us, to see our full line of services for real estate agents. Our Virtual Tours are AMAZING to look at and come preloaded with INCREDIBLE MARKETING TOOLS, thanks to Fusion Virtual Tours by RTV.

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