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In Real Estate Marketing Campaigns, Timing is Critical

The late Jerry Lewis, a comedy legend, would agree, timing is critical. So much so, that Mr. Lewis would pay an assistant to sit with a stopwatch in the audience, and time the audiences reaction times to his delivery.  Mr. Lewis would then refine his approach and his timing to optimize his delivery. Jerry Lewis thought timing was critical enough to comedy to invest in the study and analysis of it.

In real estate, timing is just as, if not more critical.  Proper timing of your delivery applies to one of the most frequently used methods of marketing, that is, personal emails and bulk email campaigns. Timing isn't always the same for every listing, and that's where the analysis come in.  The answer is simple, but the effort can be some work.  Here it is, "just think like you target audience, then meet them where they are," digitally. 

The tools are all around us.  Know your tools and incorporate them, but remember all those tools that involve communicating with the customer, also involve timing.

Not all messages are urgent. Urgent doesn't necessarily mean important and important, doesn't necessarily mean urgent, but timing is always critical.

A client of ours, has had five consecutive listings sell in under five days each utilizing tools provided by 360-Media Real Estate Photography and Marketing. One of the PRIMARY tools we use to get showings is "email"  Email requires timing among other things. Let's talk about closing your listings faster.

A video like the one above, along with email, a single-property website, and professional photography, are just a few of the tools 360-Media provides for Core One Real Estate in the DFW market.  You can see the single-property website here: www.1013hollywood.com   Here is another single-property website but with a different style of video www.10868wiltondrive.com.  If you're a DFW Metroplex homeowner, who is thinking of selling, I highly recommend my friends at Core One Real Estate.

I believe it's not just a matter of how you market, but it's just as important to know when. I can't give up our methods because they are fluid, but I believe timing your message delivery can have an enormous impact on viewings.  Viewings turn into showings and showings leading to closings.  I hope you'll always think about timing when putting together your property marketing campaigns. 

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