• Dave Hall

10 Crucial Reasons Your Real Estate Listing Should Have a VIDEO!

1. Discovery. Search Engine Web Crawlers love video. Everybody knows the importance of being found in the global market place called the web. Best business practices demand a solid Search Engine Optimization scheme for each of your real estate listings.

2. Give sellers what they want. Sellers love video and are asking for them. Don’t get caught off guard. Video at 360-Media is EXTREMELY affordable.

3. Stand out. Buyers are more likely to look at a listing with a video tour, sellers know that and expect it from their agent.

4. Exposure time. A serious buyer will spend more time viewing a listing with a video, as opposed to a listing without video. Every Nano-second of exposure matters in a tech driven marketing culture.

5. Sell more, faster. Listings with video reduce Days on Market. Research reveals that the affinity for video increases buyer focus and interaction time with listing.

6. Value. Listings with video have a higher perceived value.

7. Brand Value. Video adds significant value to your Brand as an agent or broker. Imagine saying to your seller, “We create a video for every listing”.

8. Having video in your portfolio will help you win more listings. Sellers know we live in a technologically evolving world and want an agent or broker who is tech savvy with their marketing.

9. Don’t be forgotten. Buyers scour dozens of listings. Video makes your listing MEMORABLE!

10. 360-Media makes Video EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE. Our videos are currently a $20 upcharge on real estate photo-shoot. Check out our website for more information.

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